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Join us for the opening of the glass show “Transform”

By January 22, 2019April 25th, 2022News

Saturday, February 9
Opening reception of “TRANSFORM – Contemporary Korean Glass Art by Hyunsung Cho, Jiyong Lee, and Joon Yong Kim”
Jiyong Lee and Joon Yong Kim will be in attendance


6:15-8pm: Glassblowing demonstration by New York artist John Brekke



    8:00-9:30pm: Live Jazz with The Henry Ashwood Jazz Band

Cash Bar on premises
Free admission
South Korea is increasingly recognised as one of Asia’s leading creative powerhouses; states the Financial Times “these artists are very sophisticated, very smart. They exchange ideas with western culture but speak with their own language about Korean life…Korean artists are very strong on things that are handcrafted too.”
The idea of “Transform” comes from the process that these three artists work with. It is true that all artists create some sort of transformation with their material, but there is something unique with these three bodies of work. Hyunsung Cho blows his glass sculptures, then paints dreamlike images with enamel on the surfaces of his work; Joon yong Kim’s work is blown and then heavily carved on the surface afterward , creating elegant angles. Jiyong Lee explores the multidimensionality of glass by creating elegantly contemporary multi layered sculptures through cutting, laminating, and carving