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Duncan McClellan

Duncan’s love affair with glass began as a small child while visiting a glass factory in Virginia.
Many years later, after alternate creative and entrepreneurial successes, Duncan came back to that early vision and began studying Glass Art, both in Venice, Italy and the US.
After almost thirty years of creating and exhibiting his own work, Duncan purchased an abandoned tomato packing building in midtown St. Petersburg, and his long time dream of opening a glass art gallery was realized.
With the addition of the St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop, Duncan’s vision of mentoring other artists and establishing educational programing for the public continues to grow.

Kevin Daigle

Kevin Lloyd Daigle was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. Kevin struck up a fascination with art and glassblowing before ending high school. Upon discovering the Kent State University glass program, he pursued his college degree there. While studying glass-working at the university, Kevin experimented with many techniques and processes. He created sculptures and installations that attempted to utilize the unique properties of the material. Kevin graduated with his BFA in Glass from Kent State University in 2016. After graduating, Kevin had been working as a production Glassblower out of Mantua, Ohio, specializing in custom drinkware and small sculptures. From 2018 to 2021, Kevin was an artist and instructor at The Glass Asylum in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Working with the team there he produced tons of glass lighting fixtures and sculptures.As of 2022, he has arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida to share his array of expertise with students and other glass artists.

Irene McClellan

Irene McClellan has been behind the scenes at the gallery for more than 14 years, starting when it was just a warehouse and a twinkle in Duncan’s eyes as he envisioned the whole growth of the gallery, gardens, hot shop, and not-for-profit in the rough neighborhood. It has since undergone a terrific, positive, artistic transformation and has been dubbed the Warehouse Arts District. Irene grew up in Maplewood/South Orange, NJ and, at the age of 18, moved to St. Petersburg. She attended Eckerd College, where she earned her degree in psychology in 1991 and went on to become a manager at NutriSystem, followed by many years as a paralegal for Jim Beach, Esquire, until his retirement. She officially joined the gallery and DMG School Project team in July, 2019 and enjoys being surrounded by a plethora of stunning artwork from around the world. She appreciates the ongoing, far-reaching education this opportunity has created, as well as the inspiration for her own creative endeavors, pursued for pleasure.


Monroe roams the grounds of the Duncan McClellan Gallery, keeping the facility free of unwanted wildlife. Every now and then he inspects the artwork, as evidenced by his paw prints on select favored pedestals. Fiercely independent, Monroe has been with the gallery since its inception.


Ramone is the “love bug” personality of the gallery, often waiting on the couch for attention and delighting visitors with his readiness for strokes and “conversation”. Ramone is also the darling of the many school children who visit the gallery, and is a great example of how glass and cats can coexist happily.

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