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5 Glass Art Pieces That Will Blow Your Mind

Professional glassblowers often spend decades building their skills to create glass art that inspires and amazes. Each of them spend endless days creating piece after piece, totaling over hundredths of creations.

We gathered a few outstanding pieces, from some of the most eminent glass artists, to share some awe-inspiring creations with you that are possible only after years of intensive glassblowing practice. We hope you are as intrigued as us!

PPGV#32-19 by Sidney Hutter


Sidney Hutter’s glass vessels showcase an unparalleled symmetry and beautiful prismatic colors. His non-functional plate glass concept is an excellent example of modern art, due to the way he exploits the laws of reflection and refraction to create beauty.


Flat Totem X6 by Miles Van Rensselaer

Imagine looking at your wall and seeing 5 strangers’ hands reaching out, all connected by a cascading flow of crystal clear water. In this piece, Miles Van Rensselaer showcases the potential of glass slumping by creating the metal cast impression of hands, trying to catch a current as it flows downward. This piece graces the showroom with its baffling appearance.


Amulet Basket by Laura Donefer


Laura Donefer’s glass pieces are an exuberant reflection of her 30+ years of experience working in the medium of glass. It’s nearly impossible to walk past her vibrant and colorful art pieces without stopping to admire the captivating abundance of details.


Precipice by Demetra Theofanus

Demetra Theofanus’s distinct glass art pieces can be attributed to a unique technique she developed to “weave” glass. The significance of her art reflects in her own words: “Through the delicate nests, flowers, branches, and leaves in each piece, I seek to depict the cycle of life: growth, discovery, change and renewal”

Octopus in Aqua by Jennifer Caldwell

Jennifer Caldwell’s beautiful art is inspired by the mysterious world that lies beneath the water. Her art takes viewers there thanks to her mastery of glass sculpting borosilicate glass with lampworking techniques. One can spend hours appreciating the unseen creatures she brings to life.