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Bloom & Ripen :
Summer Harvest of the Collection

On view through October

Bloom & Ripen is our summer exhibition focused on fruit and florals of the collection. We opened this collection with an incredible reception for which we welcomed our community to the gallery for a night of ikebana, fruit tasting, and delicious glass art.

This show was conceived, and curated by Zuzu Bartlett. The vision was to bring an appreciation to work already in the collection by inviting a fresh perspective. By reminding us locals what is really worth staying in this seasonal heat for, the sweetness of Florida which can only be found in the fruits and florals of summer.

Mary Sharrow of Ikebana International and Lev Pasikhov of the Florida Fruit Co-op lead us through a flower arrangement demonstration and fruit tasting which accompanied the vibrance of glass from our collection which highlights these Florida assets.

Mary’s demonstration included several elements, both living and non-living, all integral to the balance of a well-thought display. Guests learned not only practical information required to create an appropriate arrangement in the ikebana style, but the history and philosophy behind the ancient Japanese art as well.

Lev’s contribution to the event was a guided fruit tasting during which guests were instructed on the flavors, delicacy and growth habits of certain tropical fruits, including mangoes, starfruit, and longan among others. The event concluded with a tour by Lev of the gallery’s many fruit trees, with information on care and growth tips.

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this event possible, and if you missed it, we hope you’ll join us for our next event!

Find Lev and Mary’s work at the Florida Fruit Co-Op and Ikebana International respectively through the links below: