Sunrise/Sunset Over the Sea


Glass Enamel on Copper

40h x 63w in
101.60h x 160.02w cm


I have always been fascinated by brilliant, jewel-like color. Copper enameling captures and celebrates light, depth and color like no other medium I know.

Through copper enameling I communicate my joy and delight in nature’s scintillating array of hues and luminosities. Colors overlay and peek through each other. Just as jazz and chamber musicians explore, dialogue, and trade musical themes from one instrument to another, so color moves from one area to another on the copper.

Creating copper enamel art is an adventure. The kiln interior has been heated to a glowing orange; powdered glass melts and fuses onto the copper as it is fired. It is exhilarating to explore the evolution of a composition as each successive layer adds luminosity and depth. Each composition is unique and intended to stimulate your imagination.