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Blown Glass with Murrini

15h x 10w x 4d in
38.10h x 25.40w x 10.16d cm


Will graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2007, with a Bachelors Degree in Fine art with a focus in Glass Blowing. His objective as an artist is to create aesthetic forms using incredibly rich colors and textures. There are many reasons why he works with glass, but what really hooked him was the opportunity glass provides to play with color. Glass allows for variations of intensity of hue, tone and depth and he has always been captivated by the way colors come to light on a glass surface. Glass can do everything that other sculptural media can; in addition, the ways in which color can be layered on glass provides a unique three- dimensional quality of depth. Some of what he makes requires the skill of another set of hands. He’s been grateful to have had the opportunity to study with other glass artists and has benefited from exploring some of the infinite variations that working with glass offers. Currently he is exploring the incalmo technique, and has been incorporating cane working and complex Murine designs. Using traditional Italian techniques, he draws inspiration from Asian cultural art, and this has allowed him to find a style of his own. He looks forward to developing this style as he progresses as an artist. Initially, he started out making simple vessels, but the challenge of rendering more complex structures in glass soon caught his imagination. He is making works of art that have organic influences and now have multiple forms ranging from familiar vases with exotic patterns to nature inspired shells. He’s particularly drawn to combining the structural symmetry of cane and Murine with organic textures and patterns within the glass and then using sandblasting as a finishing technique to reveal the true color. Though he makes many pieces, each one is a unique creation requiring intense concentration and often great skill to produce. He thinks of these pieces as part of an overall progression, each having their own potential, but also being a step towards creating improved versions of them. Glass making is what he loves to do and he couldn’t see himself doing anything else. It is a pleasure for him to share what he does.