Fjord Cloud


Blown Glass with Stand

16h x 20w x 7.50d in
40.64h x 50.80w x 19.05d cm


My current work in glass is centered on the marriage of form and surface. I strive for a sculptural essence in each series, and I like to give each individual work a distinct personality or attitude. I’m often attracted to asymmetrical forms that balance in an interesting way. Many of my forms are drawn from nature: seeds, leaves, clouds, and even insects have beautiful shapes and textures. The “Droplets” are a new series in which I explore the micro-world of nature in an abstract way. The “Clouds” have also been a great shape to explore flowing and layered cane patterns. I enjoy the refinement that comes from making a shape numerous times and perfecting it.

My aesthetic embraces irregularity, experimentation, and a wide range of color combinations. The traditional Venetian cane methods and incalmo techniques can be used in new ways to create varied line widths, broken canes, and distorted patterns. It is fun to realize that I can do things in glass that I thought weren’t possible five years ago. As my skills grow, I continue to fully embrace a sense of adventure and play in the studio.