Blue Esme


Blown & Hot Sculpted Glass

17.50h x 22w x 6.50d in

44.45h x 55.88w x 16.51d cm


Shelley Muzylowski Allen Artist Statement

Glass is a medium that keeps me in the moment. Striving to bring a painterly quality to this dynamic medium, I layer color to add depth to the sculpture being made. The textures and patterns have the fluidity and gesture of brushwork and enrich the strong, three-dimensional form.

By suspending figures in moments of tension, recalling myths and legends through animal forms, I hope to convey a place that different species have occupied over time. From the long and storied history of the horse and all that is has signified through the ages, to medieval tapestries depicting the lure of the unicorn, to the miniature sculptural tradition of the Japanese Netsuke and the disapearance of the Red Gazelle, animals have been associated with mythology, legend, magic and divinity. As symbols and icons of eras and cultures around the world, it is important that I capture the inherent nature of these creatures in my work reflecting not just my own insights but inspiring an emotional experience and connection in the viewer.