Using mail to connect: Local artist starts the St. Pete Postcard Projec

By May 21, 2020 News

Sara Norine created the project to keep her students engaged. Now the community can participate and send messages that will be posted in gallery windows.

Thanks to grants for materials from the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and private donors, Norine is sending out postcard packets to her students and other community members who want to participate.

The packets include a flyer about the project and a blank postcard: Decorate the front; write a message on the back. It’s addressed to Norine at the Morean Arts Center and comes with postage.

Packets also include a little magazine that includes the four main principles of mail art: Everyone is an artist, materials are everywhere, communication is art and interconnection is everything.

It also includes suggested techniques for creating mail art, including collages of found images, printmaking with rubber stamps, painting, upcycling and anything that can be sent via mail including music, sound art and poetry.

The cards will be posted in the windows of the Morean Arts Center and Articles Art Gallery for June Art Walk and will remain up through the rest of the month.

With the help of the Duncan McClellan Gallery, Norine’s Youth Enrichment Program students got packets, along with essential supplies like hand sanitizer and a ball of yarn to use for the finger-knitting she’d taught them.

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