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St. Petersburg: A Haven For Artists – Duncan McClellan Gallery

By November 16, 2012July 19th, 2016News

Small galleries, art lofts, quirky boutiques and working artist studios are changing the landscape of downtown St. Petersburg.

Thanks To Duncan McClellan

Well-known glass artist Duncan McClellan moved into the district in 2010, turning a former tomato packing plant into an interesting mix that includes a small private residence for himself and his girlfriend Irene, an art gallery, a half-acre of exotic tropical fruit trees, oversize decks for entertaining and space for his newest project, the DMG School Project Mobile Glass Lab.

Aeiling credits Duncan for putting the Warehouse Arts District on the radar screen.

“Duncan got the attention of the city and has been instrumental in helping put all the nuts and bolts into place to allow this place to pull together and blossom,” says Aeling.

In addition to hosting art shows, McClellan is known for his monthly charitable fundraisers, which bring an increasingly larger crowd of people into the Warehouse Arts District to experience it.

“I can see a whole artist community evolving here,” says McClellan. “The louder mediums are ideal for the Warehouse Arts District and the painters, potters and quieter art mediums can be nearby in Kenwood and other residential neighborhoods.”

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