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Rob Stern Master class

By June 20, 2014July 19th, 2016News

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a Fall Master class with glass artist Rob Stern.

        Rob Stern

This will be an incredible opportunity to work with a Master Artist, on a specific technique.

This intensive course will give you an overview of Italian cane techniques and how to properly execute forms that accentuate them. Beginning with basic cane pulling, preparation, and patterning we will progressively move through multiple approaches to creating colored lines within the glass including straight, twisted, horizontal, and more advanced patterns such as reticello, filigrana, and murrain variations. Special attention will be focused on articulating specific forms that enhance your new awareness of cane work and design studies will inform your goals. You will be urged to create a series of vessels that reflect your personal aesthetic and a final critique will help to determine the next steps in your work.

Rob Stern Has been working with glass for over 25 years and had apprenticed with the greatest Italian, Czech, and American masters including Lino Tagliepietra, Pino Signoretto, Petr Novotny, and Dante Marioni among others. His work is primarily sculptural and utilizes a myriad of color, form, and assembly techniques. He has taught and done workshops at a number of Universities, and private institutions that specialize in glass making. Rob is often hired as a professional gaffer to realize designs for prominent artists and has also collaborated with many notable glass masters. Rob has owned and operated Rob Stern Art Glass Inc. in Miami Fl. since 2004 where he and his team create architectural commissions, lighting designs, and original sculpture for installations throughout the world.

Monday, October 6, 2014- Saturday, October 11, 2014

For more information contact us at Class info

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