Fire Glazed Ceramic



I am interested in things that vibrate at the same frequency as I am. Certain music, tribal, primal beats help resonate my being hopefully to a higher level.

Music more than any other sense stimulates my subconscious. It open doors to other realms, where smell triggers past memories.

Are we a product of our past memories and experiences in what we call real time or can the human mind transcend time and recall images not of this body? Jung wrote about archetype images that go beyond culture and time and Krishnamurti wrote that there are no new ideas, only rehashing of the old experience to form new ones.

Confused again in the search for the unknown.

Tai chi resonates my body and mind to a frequency that I enjoy. It feels as if I draw energy from the movement and music. Taking in the vibrations.

Everything is vibrating itself to existence. That is why I am drawn to certain objects. Subconsciously my body and mind are attracted, when my conscious mind is open.

I try to make resonating pieces, that are left as signposts or markers to a vibration that I have felt in my life journey.

I believe you can put energy into a piece of art that can be felt by others.

I am trying to make the interconnective vibration that connects everything together. A Morphogenit wave.

I am defining the borders of my perception. The viewpoint on which I look at the world, trying to see through open eyes. Eliminating social programming on how to view my surrounding, a deletion of preconceived ideas of what is around me. It would be like opening my senses for the first time and experiencing the world fresh without judgment .