“Tides of Time” Collaboration with James Allen


28” H x 15”W x 10” D

Cut, carved and polished crystal. Video Installation.




Scottish Artist and Designer Eric Hilton is a skilled master at working glass to convey the aesthetic and philosophical issues that confront artists. “Art for me is a vehicle that synthesizes order into the awe of existence. It is the vehicle for dance, music, poetry, literature and the visual arts. It represents the soul of human consciousness.”

Hilton also collaborates with James Allen, whose programmed video effects give additional contemporary dimensions to certain installation works.

Eric’s true passion is in the creative process in the molding, etching, cutting, sandblasting and the polishing of each work. His process is like painting, as he gradually builds each piece gradually over the whole surface. You can find the elements of life – earth, air, fire, and water in his work.  “I am influenced by nature from which infinite information can be gleaned”