Such a Night


Etched Glass Over Photo Transfer

23h x 15.25w x 1.75d in
58.42h x 38.73w x 4.45d cm


It’s no secret that Art is all around us. My creations come to me in both mundane and unexpected moments, and I try to interpret them in the medium I feel best expresses the emotion I experienced in those moments. I don’t necessarily want to question the how or why I have a feeling (I trust my artistry more than my psychiatric skills) – I just want people to see something in my art that they can relate to.

Everyone has a different life history that influences their interpretation and emotions that arise when they see, feel, or hear what is happening around them. These differences affect how they experience my art. In some cases, the viewer’s experience isn’t even close to what caused me to create a given piece – and THAT is what interests me most. In its many forms, my work is an attempt to capture the raw beauty of the human form – its flaws and splendors alike – the differences that define us as individuals, and the condition that unites us.

My hard-edged, multi-layered metal and etched glass pieces are softened by the photograph transferred on the metal, primarily being the human form. These signature artworks reference elements of my architectural education, AKA the pre-artist phase that I just can’t seem to shake. As a victim of insatiable curiosity, I’ve expanded my creative practice to include a wide array of media, from painting, photography, and cast glass to wood sculpting and resin casting – and endless combinations of the above.

I select the medium that I feel will best convey the emotion I felt when I was inspired, in hopes that it inspires you, too.