Kiln Formed Glass

6h x 8w x 1.25d in
15.24h x 20.32w x 3.17d cm
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Megan Beckler is a self-taught photographic artist from St. Petersburg, Florida. Her journey in the arts began in 2002 with her first photography class. Megan began shooting with film and enjoyed the hands-on darkroom process. Over the next 20 years, she developed her signature style as she brought her film sensibilities to digital photography. Megan’s focus has been portrait photography and narrative.

Her photography has evolved over time. As for the subject matter, she began with self-portraits by exploring the creation of characters and narratives. Megan first worked with film, then on digital photography, and worked in mixed media using acrylic and ink photo transfers. The discovery of acrylic transfers helped her to create dimensional layered portraits using photography, color pigments, and resin. The combination of layering these various materials helped her explore the use of dimension and transparent imagery in creating surrealistic portraits. Her multi-layered glass portraits are the first step on the journey into the beautiful and challenging world of glass.

“I achieve my portraits by kiln-forming decals of my photography combined with powders, inclusions, color, and light. I aim to create work that is enchanting to the viewer. The longer you spend with each piece, the more you will gather; examining each layer of glass and discovering the story that is held within. 

My ceramic sculptures are born from a profound connection to the earth. Through clay, I commune with the soil and its inhabitants, shaping organic forms that reflect this dialogue. Crafting my clay from sand and earth, each piece bears the essence of its elemental origins. Adorning my work with preserved insects is a recurring motif in my artistic exploration across various mediums. These preserved creatures serve as potent symbols of the fragile beauty surrounding us, compelling us to reflect on our role as stewards of the natural world.”