Serenity Moments Rock XIII


Cast Glass and leather
2h x 3w x 2.50d in
5.08h x 7.62w x 6.35d cm


LIGHT, the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. I have always been intrigued by different qualities of light, starting with my photography. Soft morning and evening light, the light sparkling in the waves when the sun is at a certain angle, sunlight dancing on any kind of water or the sparkle of the sun on snow the day after, and the depths light can create in the subject matter.

Although line, color, space and shape, share great importance in a piece of my work, in my mind, light is instrumental in contributing to the mood of a piece of my cast glass. With my abstract designs, I work on visualizing how the light can be directed through and inside a certain shape of glass as for me it’s always about the luminous reflections and directions of the natural light surrounding a piece. Sometimes it’s a smooth visual transition created by straight lines into the glass, and other times the designs allow one’s eyes to move around for a few moments inside the glass absorbing the colors that are changed by the light depending on the color density of the glass. My sculptures often explore the manipulation of light by combining my glass casting techniques with inner manipulation of the glass prior to casting in the kiln to create my end results.