Red shift Spectrum series


Blown Glass, murrini process
7.50h x 8.50w x 3.50d in
19.05h x 21.59w x 8.89d cm


Jeremy has used glass in different ways over the last 40 years to express his interests in art history and scientific disciplines.   He was very taken by some of the intricate examples of glass created in Murano, so twenty years ago he embarked on creating pieces with this technique.  Only recently has he started to create his Spectrum series that he feels is a culmination of this focus.  In some ways, this glass is much simpler than the previous body of work, but for him it reveals some of the fundamental traits of glass that make so many enthralled with this medium.  This clarity of form and color has been very gratifying for him to work on and has provided a direct link to glass history and his own journey from painter to glass artist.