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Blown Glass
10.50h x 15.50w x 9d in
26.67h x 39.37w x 22.86d cm


Aya Oki is a Japanese artist based in San Bernardino, California.

Her focus is on the interaction between glass medium and the life brought to glass through blowing. She controls the materiality of glass and uses her personal process to illuminate it. She considers glass to be a very sensual material and actively seeks to model her vision of its sensibility.

She completed her undergraduate and master’s degree in glass at the Aichi University of Education, Japan. Aya was awarded the Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists from the Pola Art Foundation and the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan for studying abroad as a researching artist. She then went to California State University, San Bernardino before completing her MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Since then, she has been traveling the world as an artist and an educator. Recently, she completed the DMG School Project, Residency in St Petersburg, FL