Like Barnacles on a Boat


Blown, Cut and Polished Glass

14.50h x 13.50w x 7d in
36.83h x 34.29w x 17.78d cm


Artist statement: Every decisions we make has an impact on our lives, but the greatest moments occur unplanned and unexpected. My art career began this way while backpacking through New Zealand. Along my travels did I find glass or did glass find me? Over a decade later, this material has been a journey of discovery and guidance, setting forth a path to explore, to experience, to create.

The work is based on both the places I have been and those I wish to visit. It’s about nature and exploration, not of conquering nature but of being humbled by her. Within her ethereal landscapes, discoveries are made – those of self identity, passion, principals, and personal beliefs. Much the same can be said of the processes of sculpting glass. Countless time is intimately devoted, giving undivided attention to every line, every curve, every cut – down to the most finite details. Every touch to the glass is deliberate and intentional. Removing. Reducing. Refining. Polishing. Creating – devoting one’s energy to a process – is a motivating and inspiring act. It consumes me. It is the
means AND the end. It is kinetic. Each work lends itself to the next, just as each series borrows ideas and techniques from the last. The material shapes me as much as I shape it. At the end of the day the return is a sense of pride and accomplishment. Within success and failure, I learn the value of self understanding and aim to improve on all aspects of my life.