Landscape Series #19


Blown Glass
12h x 9w x 4d in
30.48h x 22.86w x 10.16d cm


I consider myself a maker first and foremost. I enjoy working with my hands, inspired by the process of creating objects from scratch, starting with the raw, molten material and seeing it through to a polished finish.

While I have dabbled with many forms of art media over the years, nothing has captured me the way that glass does. With glass there’s no ceiling. It’s never boring, always presenting limitless opportunities to learn and manipulate it. Glass is a living medium- it’s got energy. It continues to challenge me, and that is what drives me.

For role models, I’ve had the incredible fortune of working with dozens of world renowned glass artists, and have been inspired namely by Raven Skyriver, Nancy Callan, David Patchen, Sam Stang, and Stephen Rolfe Powell. I hope to join their ranks as a badass glassblower and person!