Hand tufted acrylic

30h x 22w x 1d in
76.20h x 55.88w x 2.54d cm
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My work is an exploration of release… release of expectation and structure, a devotion to creativity with a dash of gentle irreverence. I am a tactile person, hands-on environments where I can engage and connect, or touch is how I  really learn and thrive. As an art appreciator with a penchant for how things feel, physically and otherwise, I must exercise tremendous impulse control in museum and gallery settings. One reason I enjoy this work so much is to be physically connected to the art and artists, it offers me so much more to experience. While some patrons at this gallery shudder with fright at the sight of me touching glass pieces to arrange them, imagining themselves dropping or damaging them; I enjoy the experience of engaging with the art directly and with artists through their work. Feeling the weight and texture, the delicacy of form, I become more intimate with the work and find a deeper insight into the artists’ experience.

I invite the viewer to explore their own impulses, the impulse to touch (with care) this art. As I am touched by art, whether physically or otherwise, I find the impulse to explore that connection, and the questions it provokes. Why does a connection form between a piece of art and myself? What does it touch? What part of me reaches out again and again for connection? From allowance and trust blooms connection and reflection, I hope these soft and gentle spaces invite you in.