Fish Catcher Bag #147


Blown, Hot-Sculpted & Cold-Worked Glass

13.50h x 7w x 4d in
34.29h x 17.78w x 10.16d cm


Hiroshi Yamano’s new “Scene of Japan” art glass series is an extension of the artist’s “From East to West” series: a metaphorical exploration of Eastern and Western cultures and their influences on his life.

Fluid in form, these works depict a meditative and solitary moment in Nature, surrounded by a Universe in flux. Yamano’s “Scene of Japan” presents delicate studies of the natural world, inviting us to share a contemplative moment.

”Nagare” means “current” in Japanese. “Nagare” art glass is designed to be slightly askew, creating a sense of movement and flow through our ever-changing universe. Yamano’s artistry is a sight to behold.