Evening at Sunset


Blown & Enameled Glass



Mr. Cho received his MFA in Studio Glass in 2010 from the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, IL, his MA in Glass Design from the Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea, and his BFA in Environment Design and Plastic Arts from Namseoul University in Chon-an, Korea.

He has taught and exhibited widely in Korea, Japan, and the US, and is the recipient of numerous grants, scholarships and awards.
Artist’s Statement:

“Glass is the medium that best reflects my innermost feelings. When approaching glass in its fluid state, I am deeply moved by the metamorphosis from a molten state to the solidified shape of my design. As the Italian glass artist Livio Seguso said, glass is “a material that seems to be born out of the sea to live in the air shaped by fire; it fascinates and ignites the imagination.”

In the City Series:
“I paused to look at the cityscape for a few minutes on my way back home from Seattle, and I drew the image of the city into my brain. Once, I dreamed of Seattle at night. In the city, there are many varied kinds of stories and sceneries. It makes a big impression on me now, and the variety gradually has become fresh ideas for my works. Visual impressions and personal memories from the city are the main streams of my works. The city is very significant area from which most of my experience and memories come. I am expressing images of the city from my own emotions and memories and how the city appears in the artificial scenery of our daily lives, through both the lines and sceneries.”