Emerald Sculpture


Blown and Hot Sculpted Glass

4.33h x 7.48w x 4.72d in
11h x 19w x 12d cm

Taking inspiration from the landscapes I have travelled, I focus on textures both geological and organic. I explore these textures of the environment and abstractly translate them into glass. Glass as a material is extremely versatile and carries with it a mystery that allures the viewer as well as the maker.
Conceptually my work is centered on phenomenology. As a child I would run my fingers over precious objects exploring the textures and surfaces. Inquisitive by nature, I hoped that tracing these alluring objects would help to reveal their mysteries. As I pass my fingertips over the surface I linger in the ephemeral moment of a connection between myself and the object.
Glass is a seductive material that carries a pre-conceived fragility that creates an imaginary barrier. I explore this allure and boundary in my work. Being a tactile individual I strive to create objects that long to be touched. Within my practice I try to break the notion of fragility and allow the individual to experience my work both visually as well as physically.