Côte à Côte


Cast Glass and Mixed Media

30h x 22w x 2d in
76.20h x 55.88w x 5.08d cm


Gilles graduated from the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli sculpture school, and after several years of teaching wood sculpture, continued his research in casting in a bronze and aluminum foundry.

Attracted by glass because of its transparency and its fragility, Gilles decided to integrate it into his work in 1990, and continued his exploration of glass in Montreal , New York and Seattle, under the supervision  of François Houdé, Bertil Vallien, Geene Koss and Hank Murta Adams.

Molten glass is poured in sand molds, and by playing with transparency and colors, and bending the form and breaking the mold, by deconstructing what protects us, envelopes us, his work forces us to meditate on ourselves and on what we are.

Artist Statement:
Since the beginning of time, human beings have dressed in
different costumes, either to protect themselves from the cold or from wars, or during ceremonies or by seduction. Dressing projects an entire inner world: who we are, how we feel and where we are going.
It is therefore in this form that my work is currently being developed, with the multiple perceptions of the same object which often reveal the state of mind of the person looking at it.