Blues for Yolanda


Glass with Metal
42h x 31w x 3.50d in
106.68h x 78.74w x 8.89d cm

I combine classical and contemporary disciplines in my work: painting with oils much as the old masters did; experimenting with manual and digital photographic methods; and etching original drawings in glass to create seductive, multi-dimensional compositions. My background in architecture, sustained artistic experimentation, and my experience living in the Caribbean inform each piece that I create. 

In my current body of work, I use painting, photography, metal, cut glass and etched glass together, layering fragments of each element to express the interplay of subject matter. These fragments address themes of human relationships, music, architecture, and nature, and how these concepts relate to one another. This layered format allows for the foreground to make one statement and the background to make a different but complementary statement.

Developing this unique process of combining multiple materials has allowed me to further explore the various methods I use to express myself, and to expand upon the narrative of each piece and series. The play of light and texture in my metal and glass pieces invite deeper exploration of their imagery and message, just as the photographic images inspire the gestural line drawings that I will etch in glass. 

My pieces involving multiple tiles however, require a different kind of precision in their creation. In printing the images to transfer to metal, I must consider how they will overlap and calculate the spacing and engineering required to assemble them. With the placement of these different materials, the viewer first sees the simplicity of the overall piece, but they are then drawn into the complexity that these different materials create. I like to surprise myself and others with my work.