Blown Glass
22h x 12w x 5d in
55.88h x 30.48w x 12.70d cm


Paull Rodrigue: Artist Statement 

I create glass art which is bold in colour and strong in form. I seek to create liquid beauty in a solid state. My art is meant to enrich and adorn the space in which its placed, while conjuring awe and intrigue. I want people to talk about my glass when they see it.


The potential is my protagonist. With each work, I seek to create the most beauty that I can. Every piece has its own requirements and presents its own challenges. From small ornamental to large decorative art collector pieces, to commissions and sculptures, the molten glass challenges me to be my best.

For over Twenty years I have been creating a niche for myself in the glass world. When someone sees the jewel tones, the colour intersections and overall form of one of my signature pieces, I want them to know it’s a Paull Rodrigue original.

I incorporate ancient processes and traditional techniques with modern technology and design sensibility to create my signature works of art. The creative process stretches far beyond the moment of action at the bench; It is the culmination, the peak of creation, supported by my team of assistants, our combined experience, and a mountain of preparation. When people see my work, I want them to be awe-struck and feel uplifted for having seen it.