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Engaging and motivating young minds is the key to lifelong learning and success. Expert research has shown that children learn and excel when art is a core component of their curriculum. DMG youth development program was designed to ignite that spark of excitement and providing an interdisciplinary educational experience. Working in partnership with public and private schools, and organizations serving socioeconomic disadvantaged youth, DMG School Project has inspired over 2500 children since 2013.


The Artist­In­Residence program presents a uniquely intense monthlong educational opportunity for emerging and mid­career glass artists. With full access to all materials, equipment and support of the St. Pete HotGlass Workshop, artists are challenged to stretch their creative boundaries and produce a body of work that will propel them to success. Working with other artists they can master new techniques and experiment with glass in ways that may be cost prohibitive on their own. Drawing on the knowledge of Duncan McClellan Gallery they also learn necessary business and management skills.


Creativity is an integral part of people everywhere and DMG School Project believes there is an artist in everyone. Etching, glass blowing, lectures and demonstrations can fire up the imagination and allow the novice or expert artists the thrill of creating glass art. Personal growth through art knows no age or physical limits. Programs may be customized for every skill level. A desire to share the beauty and magic of your imagination is all that is required.

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