Our Favorite Piece This Week!

By May 26, 2021News

“Robust Batavia”
32″h x 13″w x 4″d

Fresh off the pipe and out of the annealer, this is one of the latest in Dan Alexander’s exploration with Murrine and Cane. 

If you’re not able to get into the gallery to see this and other works by Dan, Contact us for a “FaceTime” walk around the Gallery. Duncan and Irene McClellan will be your personal curators, answering your questions and offering 3D and close up views of the gallery work.

Dan Alexander is off on another adventure, this time as summer resident artist at Goggleworks Center for the Arts in Reading, Pennsylvania.

“The work I am currently exploring is inspired by nature, textiles, travel, and architecture. More specifically patterns. Being an artist and world traveler, I look at the world around me and how it could be translated to glass. Much of my inspiration comes from photographs I have taken or my travels. I tend to look at one micro aspect of and object and see how that small piece could be used in repetition to create an overall pattern. An example would be looking at one single coral in the ocean and repeating its colors and shape over and over again to make a large glass tile. This tile will later be rolled up hot around a glass bubble or collar to make large vessel. I use the blown glass process to create a 3 dimensional canvas for my murrine and pattern to be displayed. This is similar to how coral would grow on the surface of live rock in the ocean..”

-Dan Alexander

“Sawgrass Faraday”
30h x 15.50w x 3.50d in