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LOOK Who’s Coming!!! The glass artistry of David Royce

By August 26, 2014April 25th, 2022DMG Hot Shop, DMG School Project News, Events, News

We are so excited to have the very talented Mr David Royce be our featured artist for the September art walk.

Unknown Mr Royce will be giving live glass blowing demonstrations both Saturday night September 13th , during Art Walk and Sunday Sept 14th . The demonstration on Sunday, will be followed by a brunch and lecture Hot Gatherings Cool Conversations at the Museum of Fine Arts.

In his current series “Bottles” and “Stones” Royce features simple forms that set the stage for a combination of contrasting glassblowing techniques. The vessels have a sandblasted surface with a luminous semi-transparency, contrasted by sections of opaque colored glass in organic, asymmetrical patterns. The opaque areas are accented with carving. Royce has a unique approach to cold- work. Often, cold-work stresses a precision that adds a quality of mechanical perfection to a vessel. However, Royce uses cold-work cuts in a lively way, expressing movement in an improvisational way that adds to the over-all organic feel of each piece.

Here is small clip of what we have to look forward to!!

We are excited for this weekend of glass artistry and we hope you will join us!