Did you know we’re on Pinterest?

By June 18, 2014July 19th, 2016News

Pinterest Ahhh… the wonderful feed of everything beautiful. From home decor to recipes to the latest art and glass sculptures DM Gallery has started its very own Pinterest board! We wanted to share with our community the lovely impact that our boards can give you. Weather it’s for your next art inspiration or just to browse on your lunch break to see our latest selection in gorgeous art pieces we want you to be part of our ever growing social media platforms! Pin our pictures, comment, and like our favorite images so that we can get a sense of what your looking to find on our page!

We’re looking to expand our boards to other forms of art and also to include more internationally renowned artists. Who are some of your favorite artists that you would like for us to see pineed? We would love your feedback and overall support in making sure that we pin the right content for our fellow supporters!

Pinterest is more than just a image feed it’s a window to the personal preference and taste that we at DM Gallery appreciate. Although we would love to “like” every image with a piece of art our focus will be focused on glass installations, sculptures, and other artists and creatives that we have closely worked alongside.

Did you know we’re on Pinterest? If not, now you do!

Get there and tell your friends about us and comment on this post to tell us more about the imagery you would believe would represent the DM Gallery brand! Check us out and follow us: http://www.pinterest.com/dmglassgallery/

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