July 14th Art Walk Opening

By June 20, 2018Second Saturday
Saturday, July 14
“New Horizons” exhibition continues
with the works of our spring residency artists, Eli Cecil and Nikolai Morse.
Nikolai Morse Glassmaking pulls me together at the seams; it is an integrative experience. Like a deep conversation with an old friend or a revelatory work of art, glassmaking stimulates my awareness into new perspectives and encourages a deeper connection with my body.
I am now actively seeking subject matter and form that urges a communion of the self. Read More

Eli Cecil Glass has been part of my life for the past 8 years and I have been fortunate to continue working with the medium after receiving my BFA by being involved with several prestigious institutions, such as Corning, PGC, and the Chrysler Museum. Read More

Glassblowing with our “Team McClellan” artists begins at 6pm.
Cash bar and food truck on the premises.
Free admission