Glass Artist Rik Allen Featured In American Craft Council Magazine

By January 11, 2017News, Uncategorized

Congratulations to one of this months featured artists Rik Allen for having a spot light story in the American Craft Council Magazine.

Rik Allen will be giving a live glassblowing demonstration on Sunday, January 15th at The Duncan McClellan Gallery  followed by a lecture at the Museum of Fine Arts.

More info: Art Glass Afternoon

Space. It’s the final frontier, as any Trekkie can tell you – whether that means the outer reaches beyond the stars or the inner realms of your own mind. Rik Allen’s blown-glass and metal art evokes exploration of both kinds. Rocket ships, cosmonauts, and space helmets sport the cheery, chunky gleam of midcentury sci-fi imagery, but with the slightly battered patina of experience. Where might these ships already have traveled? Where could they go next? Inside some of the ships are tiny telescopes and lone red chairs. For whom – past pilots or ones yet to come.

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