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On November 9, 2013 from 5:00-9:30pm, the Duncan McClellan Gallery proudly presents, BODY OF PROOF: FIGURES in GLASS, an exhibit & glass demo featuring Paul J. Nelson, Kim Goldfarb and Peter Wright.

At 5pm on November 9th, the gallery doors will open to reveal the amazing works of art by these three talented and well-respected artists.  At 6:15 you can listen to them give a brief artist’s statement and then around 6:30pm, join them in the St. Pete Hot Glass Workshop as they demonstrate their creativity right before your eyes!

There will be a liquid nitrogen pumpkin ice cream (must be 21+) as well as refreshments available for a donation from our custom bars (All donations benefit the DMG School Project).

About the Artists:

Much of Paul Nelson’s current work focuses on portraiture, narrative, and a sort of re-contextualization of the sculpted subjects, via their cultural and historical contributions to society. Often these characterizations juxtapose brooding dark comedy, epic fantasy, and a quest for depth in meaning. The use of thick cast glass in Paul’s sculptures allows the element of light to enhance his purpose.

Kim Goldfarb is a sculptor, glass designer and painter who weaves these mediums together with a thrill of discovery and love of the human and animal form.  In her work she often portrays human-animal hybrids; in some ways this is her expression of how connected we all are. A lot of the work that Kim makes is “stream of consciousness”; feeling that somehow she knows these beings that she paints and sculpts on some deep emotional level.

It wasn’t until after twenty years in commercial construction that Peter Wright began exploring his life-long interest in art.  After working in bronze for several years, he met, renowned glass sculptor William Morris and was introduced to the world of art glass at the highest level.  Wright spent countless hours watching hot glass being shaped into amazing forms and in 2007, he realized that the best way to truly understand glass was to learn to work with it himself. He was then “completely drawn in and seduced by hot glass”. 

This exhibit runs from November 9th, 2013 to December 7, 2013. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5pm and by appointment.

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